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National Grid launches huge overhaul

  • Publish Date: Posted 11 months ago
  • Author: Steve Walia

​The National Grid has begun the process of overhauling its entire infrastructure this week, in a series of planned upgrades that will represent the biggest step-change in generations. As a result, millions of homes and businesses across the UK will be able to use energy from renewable sources.


Called the Great Grid Upgrade, the project will see a swathe of cutting-edge infrastructure being upgraded across England and Wales so that renewable energy can be transported from its generation point to where it's needed; better matching supply and demand and helping Britain to meet its challenging net-zero targets and move away from fossil fuels for good.


By connecting clean energy from its offshore generation sources to the communities that use it, the new Great Grid Upgrade will help to reduce customer energy bills over the longer term. It will also help to boost the UK's green economy and create skilled jobs, whilst helping to make Britain's energy mix overall more self-sufficient.


A spokesperson from National Grid said that the organisation had a clear vision of providing clean, affordable and fair energy for the country and that the Great Grid Upgrade would go a long way towards delivering this, whilst also supporting economic goals and job creation.


He added that it was part of the Grid's programme of ongoing investment into the country's energy transition, which will result in £16 billion of investment between now and 2026 to support overall net zero goals. Already, the National Grid is an FTSE leader when it comes to clean energy investment, and this latest move is a clear sign that Britain's clean energy revolution is starting to move at a pace and offer a cleaner, greener, more energy-secure and more affordable energy future for the country.