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Top Facts for Kids to Know About Renewables

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 7 years ago

Today's young people are growing up in a world where energy counts, and they are often passionate about issues such as climate change and sustainability. So what are top facts that you can teach your kids about renewable energy?

Job Creation 

President Trump may still be claiming that fossil fuels are the key to American energy industry employment, but the facts would disagree. Clean and green renewable energy actually creates three times as many jobs as damaging coal and other fossil fuels.


You might think that green energy was successful because of its heavy subsidies. But that would be wrong. Governments actually offer four times as many subsidies to fossil fuel producers as they do to renewable energy producers.


Green energy is expected to soar to an impressive 25pc of gross power on a global scale next year. This compares to 20pc in 2011. Individual nations are forging ahead to make a difference. For example, Portugal has brought its total renewables proportion up to 45pc for electricity from 15pc. In China, two wind turbines are now being constructed every day to meet demand.


Think of geothermal energy and you might think of Iceland. But in the UK, a whopping 20pc of people live in areas that are suitable for district heating from geothermal heat pumps.


Modern technologies mean that a single wind turbine can now produce enough clean electricity to power as many as 1,400 homes. Similarly, if sunlight energy could be fully harnessed, just an hour of it could power the entire world for a year.


Both North Africa and Europe are aiming to operate entirely on renewable energy by 2050. Analysts believe that the leading energy source by this date will be solar energy.