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Trump Threatens to Withdraw from Paris Agreement

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 7 years ago

US President Donald Trump has announced that he will very shortly be making a decision on the Paris Climate Change agreement, and that in the meantime he is listening to both sides of the issue.

He has not confirmed his decision yet, saying simply to reporters that they would 'find out very soon' about his intended move. However, White House staff apparently told a series of news outlets that Trump intends to withdraw the USA from the global agreement.

Intense lobbying has been in progress across the world, with EU allies pleading with Trump not to move away from the hard-won global pact. The prospect of this happening has already been condemned by the UN Secretary General, and even Ivanka Trump - the President's daughter and advisor - has advised him against choosing the exit option. Other leaders voicing their concern have included Emmanuel Macron and the Pope. Elon Musk has also threatened that he would leave his manufacturing advisory role at the White House if the administration quits the climate deal.

Countries which have signed up to the terms of the Paris climate change agreement have also spoken out against any move to withdraw from it, including the Finnish and Chinese governments.

Reuters was one news outlet that reported how Trump had allegedly tasked his EPA representative to find grounds upon which he could leave.

He continued to hint at his intentions via Twitter, adding the phrase 'Make America Great Again!' Axios reported that the President had already made his decision and was just waiting to work out how it could be implemented. The administration could attempt to formally exit the agreement, which could take several years, or completely reject the entire UN climate change framework that underpins the agreement itself.