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G20 Becomes G19 with Fresh Commitment to Paris Agreement

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 7 years ago

The G20 summit has ended in Hamburg, with Angela Merkel closing the proceedings with a thinly veiled rebuke to Donald Trump's much-criticised flip-flop on the climate change agreement.

The United States has become increasingly isolationist under President Trump, and Merkel said that she 'deplored' the decision to exit from the Paris Agreement - or at least Trump's signal of intent to do so.

Still a Priority

The other 19 member nations of the G20 group of developed nations, including the EU as a broader body, reconfirmed their commitment to the climate change agreement, saying that the accord was still a key priority and needed to be irreversible. 

Trump was an isolated figure, having received global condemnation when he announced that he would be removing the USA from the international agreement, which requires signed-up nations to cut their greenhouse gas emissions in a bid to ward off the effects of climate change.

President Trump said that although he was intending to withdraw the USA from the Paris Agreement, he was still strongly committed to a coordinated global approach that cut emissions whilst ensuring energy security of supply and supported the need for economic growth.

Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, spoke of climate change as being a key issue and said that Merkel had been able to foster a strong compromise. He added that the USA was still continuing with collaborative discussions on the subject of climate change, which he viewed as being a positive outcome.

Theresa May said that she felt 'dismay' at the stance and that she had strongly urged President Trump to reassess his policy. Justin Trudeau, the Canadian PM, also said that it was necessary for economic protection and economic growth to work hand in hand.